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8 ways to convince your partner to trust you

By GetAhead Bureau
February 10, 2017 11:05 IST
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At home, between your spouse and smartphone, choose the former.
When your partner calls you, answer that phone call or just drop a text saying you'll call later.
These simple things can make or break a relationship.

IMAGE: Don't let your busy schedule and habits come in the way of your beautiful relationship.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Takmeomeo/

Believe it or not, 'doubting' your partner for infidelity has become a way of modern life.

Watch a few minutes of any soap opera on Indian television -- they all have an 'extra-marital affair' angle in them.

Whether this trend is for real or not, TV channels are already milking on infidelity as the new theme for relationships.

There is a good possibility that if your partner is hooked on to one of these TV shows, the signs are showing in your married life.

In real life, if you have a partner who sneaks on you, it's time you cleared the air.

Here are some tips that will help you:

1. Use smartphone with caution

When your partner is around, don't stay busy on the phone.

You may be checking your e-mail or casually browsing the messages on your phone, but it can annoy your spouse.

Your partner may assume that you are more interested in your mobile phone than him/her.

2. Don't keep your mobile phone password protected

If you have the slightest hint that your spouse doubts your fidelity, you shouldn't protect your phone with a password.

A password protected phone gives the impression that you have something in your phone that you want to hide (from your spouse).

If s/he asks you to lend you her phone to make a call, allow her to do so.

And if you have a password, don't hesitate to share it with him/her. S/he may or may not check your phone, but it will make the person trust you more.

3. Share your bank account

There are several couples who make tall claims about being loyal in love. But when it comes to money matters, you'll see a different side to them.

If you are married or in a committed and secure relationship, it doesn't hurt to open an either or survivor bank account.

It gives the impression that you care about your partner's needs.

In fact, it is the best way to win the trust and confidence of your partner.

4. Nominate your spouse

While buying any insurance, some of us ignore the importance of adding a nominee.

Make it a habit to nominate your partner in all/most of the life insurance and accident insurance policies that you take.

You may decide which ones to share with your parents and kids and then nominate your spouse as an additional nominee wherever possible.

5. Strike a work life balance

One of the greatest disadvantages of modern corporate lives is the lack of work life balance.

No matter how busy your schedule is, plan your day, and ensure you reach home well on time.

Back home, invest some time communicating with your partner about how his/her day was.

6. Be communicative

Most people have a bad habit of cutting away from all sorts of communication. Either because they are not socially active or because they choose to talk only when they need to.

Change that habit. If you do not communicate well with your partner, it may lead to distrust.

If you are in a meeting when your spouse calls, drop him/her a text saying you'd call them later.

Ignoring your partner's phone call or text message is rude. At least let them know that you are busy.

7. Be honest about your friendships

Just because you are married or you are in a committed relationship, you need not break away from your circle of friends.

But if you are meeting your friend(s) from the opposite sex for lunch or dinner, it helps to keep your partner informed.

If you were to withhold this information casually, and your spouse were to find out from another source, it would hurt them and may even lead to unnecessary suspicion.

8. Stay away from your ex

You maybe itching to do it, but keep away from your exes.

Bury your past and step stronger into the future.

This builds confidence in your partner.

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