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IN PICS: James Bond and his supersexy bikes

Last updated on: November 1, 2012 19:08 IST
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IN PICS: James Bond and his supersexy bikes


As the latest Bond movie Skyfall hits the screens this week, Jyotsana Gupta lists out the best of the beauties between James Bond's legs.

My name is Bond. James Bond." Now if somebody tells me that they have never come across this line before, then they are definitely aliens.

Because it is simply impossible, not to mention, unthinkable that a resident of the planet Earth does not know who James Bond is.

James Bond 007 -- the most happening secret agent in the history of mankind whose 'secret' operations on the silver screen have been sending waves of excitement and thrill through the masses since 1962, needs no introduction except for those two legendary lines created for him and him alone.

Six actors have, so far, played the role of 007 (Must read: The SEXIEST James Bond of them all) in the movies and as dashing as the actors have been, so have been their rides.

Unlike the other heroes who prefer the usual rides like cars, motorboats and bikes, Bond did not restrict himself to only those. He did not think twice before going under the sea in submarines, or soaring through the skies in aircrafts, or going on a sprint in a speeding train or exploring the Moon in a lunar rover called Moon Buggy.

All of those rides were legendary just like the man astride them and so here we bring you a glimpse of the bikes that were fortunate to have their names associated with 007.


Image: Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall in an action scene atop Honda CRF250R


IN PICS: James Bond and his supersexy bikes



BMW R 1200

Starring the handsome Pierce Brosnan, Tomorrow Never Dies featured one of the most hair-raisingly exciting bike scenes of the entire series.

Riding the mighty BMW R 1200 C Cruiser, Bond and Chinese secret agent Wai Lin had jumped from one rooftop to the next over the murderously rotating blades of a helicopter.

Titled 'Roadster' by its makers, the Cruiser's name is indicative enough of its tough muscular build and dazzling Aluminium and chrome outfit that it dons.

Fuelled by the 1170cc engine that churns out 61bhp and happens to be the largest Boxer engine till date, this muscle-machine has been blessed with a superb handling making the bike move at the slightest touch from the driver. Although there have been some issues regarding the comfort of the riders and the unimpressive sound of the exhaust, but overall, this is a ride worth flaunting.

Image: Pierce Brosnan as James Bond with Michelle Yeoh in an action sequence in Tomorrow Never Dies

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IN PICS: James Bond and his supersexy bikes



Cagiva W16 600

James Bond and a speeding motorbike... together on a chase. And what are they after? A pilot-less airplane in the 1995 film Goldeneye!

Trust the suave 007 to catch a pilot-less flight, zooming away on the runway, heading straight for an almighty crash, with the help of a bike! And what bike can be more apt or worthy for the job than a military motorcycle like the Cagiva W16 600.

Image: Cagiva W16 600; Inset: Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in Goldeneye

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IN PICS: James Bond and his supersexy bikes



Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo

With a characteristic military look on the outside, this ride is powered by a single-cylinder, four-valve, 4-stroke SOHC mill that generated a peak 34bhp at 5000rpm.

Another smashing chase sequence involving 007 riding a motorcycle was shot with the magnificent bike from Yamaha in Never Say Never Again.

With an air-cooled, four stroke transverse four-cylinder, turbocharged, DOHC, 2-valve mill working at the heart of the bike, this scintillating Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo helps our secret agent beat the bad guys yet again. And all the credit goes to the superb Turbo boost that quickly transforms the motorcycle into a speeding blur.

Plus, the tune-able suspension components and handsome looks impart XJ 650 with the perfect sportiness of looks and feel that make it completely worthy of the spy hero.

Image: Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo; Inset: Sean Connery as James Bond in an action sequence in Never Say Never Again

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IN PICS: James Bond and his supersexy bikes



Honda CRF250R

And finally, there is the spanking-new Honda CRF250R that will star in the upcoming Bond movie, Skyfall. In fact, there are going to be two of these newbies in the opening sequence of the movie where Bond and a henchman Patrice will be seen weaving their way through the busy streets of Turkey.

Now, we can't provide you with a glimpse into what happens next in the film, but we sure can get you a sneak peek into the details of those fabulous rides.

Overhauled heavily to don a worn-out look, these Honda bikes are a complete package of marvellous design, brilliant engineering and superb handling.

Loaded with Honda's Unicam engine working in symphony with the Programmed Fuel-Injection system, the CRF250R gets a definite performance-boost while cutting down on its fuel-consumption requirements.

Plus, the cleverly-designed suspension system featuring stiffer fork springs and improved high-speed compression adjustments result in an easier handling and better command over the ride. In short, perfect for a man like James Bond.

Image: Daniel Craig as James Bond in an action sequence in Skyfall atop Honda CRF250R

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