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Kangana: I felt naked when the letters were exposed

Source: ANI
December 17, 2016 14:36 IST
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Kangana RanautThe much controversial tussle between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan has not just been this year's but one of the Bollywood's ugliest fights and as 2016 comes to an end, the Queen of Bollywood poured her heart out and shared her "part of the story."

Kangana, while attending 'The Reebook "Fit to Fight" Awards' event recently in the national capital, shared 'this important aspect of her life' and said that she 'felt extremely naked and vulnerable when the letters were exposed.'

The 29-year-old began by saying, "The world knows me as an achiever. I think a lot of importance given to the worldly achievements. But as a woman, the most favourite part of my personality is how I see myself as a lover. And if I am a fan of any aspect of my personality, it is my ability to love and stay in love even though my world or environment does not respond in the same way."

Telling her story in third person, Kangana shared, "There was this young girl in the mountains who had a lot of fire in her belly, extremely dreamy, impractical, naive and stubborn."

"This girl when she was 14, she saw picture of a man and fell in love with him. That picture led her to cross the oceans, landscapes, deserts and come to a place where she is standing with that man under the stars and this man kisses her and he says "I love you"," she continued, adding, "What happens is the man says that this is not a normal girl. She is like a cub and the man gets scared of this woman. This is when the whole love story becomes a tragedy. The thing is I can't help it if I have a lot of fire in my belly."

The Queen star continued, "People have seen how I put up a strong front to fight but nobody has seen that side of me what I feel as a woman when I am subjected to that kind of brutality."

Specifying the letters and the mails, which got exposed during the legal-battle, she said, "This speech is dedicated to the letters of a lover which were brutally exposed to the world. How did I feel as a human being? Every letter that you write to your lover holds a lot of vulnerability. You are exposing a part of your soul or yourself, not to the world, but to an individual," she went on speaking her heart out.

Adding, "I felt extremely naked in front of the world. I cried for nights in my room and the worse is the most of it was not even the genuine stuff. People made fun of me. Even today I become the butt of jokes when I sit with my friends. But I never answered to that brutality with the same sort of spirit and I see myself as a winner there."

Concluding her speech, Kangana said, "One should not make fun of a woman's vulnerability and to embarrass her for her desires. As far as the letters are concerned, I have also gone ahead to tell my part of the story."

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Source: ANI