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 7th National Football League 2002-2003       Second Leg
 Results of First Leg (Rounds I - XI) 
Teams Venue 1st Leg 2nd Leg
Round XIIThe league standings
 February 7, 2003
Tollygunge Agragami vs Salgaocar Kolkata 0-3 1-1
 Match report: Tollygunge deny Salgaocar full points
JCT vs Vasco Ludhiana 1-2 0-0
 Match report: Vasco, JCT in goalless draw
Indian Bank vs Mohun Bagan Chennai 0-4 0-1
 Match report: Ekeh gives Bagan victory
 February 8, 2003
ITI vs Mahindra United Bangalore 1-1 0-1
 Match report: Penalty goal gives Mahindra win
East Bengal vs HAL Kolkata 5-3 4-1
 Match report: Okoro scores thrice for East Bengal
Churchill Brothers vs Dempo Goa 0-0 2-0
 Match report: Yakubu gives Churchill victory
Round XIIIThe league standings
 February 11, 2003
Tollygunge Agragami vs Indian Bank Kolkata 0-1 4-2
 Match report: Indian Bank suffer fifth consecutive defeat
Vasco vs Salgaocar Goa 1-0 0-0
 Match report: Salgaocar, Vasco draw goalless
 February 12, 2003
Dempo vs ITI Goa 1-0 0-0
 Match report: Dempo, ITI in goalless draw
JCT vs HAL Ludhiana 0-1 1-0
 Match report: Vijayan nets winner for JCT
 February 13, 2003
Churchill Brothers vs East Bengal Goa 0-0 1-3
 Match report: East Bengal steer clear at the top
 February 14, 2003
Mohun Bagan vs Mahindra United Kolkata 1-1 1-1
 Match report: Bagan hold Mahindra with late goal
Round XIVThe league standings
 February 16, 2003
ITI vs Tollygunge Agragami Bangalore 2-3 0-4
 Match report: Ashim Biswas scores brace in a 4-0 victory
Indian Bank vs HAL Chennai 0-1 2-1
 Match report: Indian Bank end losing streak
Dempo vs East Bengal Goa 2-3 2-2
 Match report: Dempo rally to hold East Bengal
 February 17, 2003
Churchill Brothers vs Vasco Goa 2-0 1-1
 Match report: Vasco rally to hold Churchill
 February 18, 2003
Salgaocar vs Mohun Bagan Goa 2-0 0-1
 Match report: Bhutia nets winner for Bagan
Mahindra United vs JCT Mumbai 2-6 1-2
 Match report: JCT take Mahindra in their stride
Round XVThe league standings
 February 21, 2003
Mahindra United vs Indian Bank Mumbai 2-0 1-2
 Match report: Netto shines in Indian Bank's win
Dempo vs Mohun Bagan Goa 1-5 0-0
 Match report: Dempo hold Bagan to goalless draw
Tollygunge Agragami vs Vasco Kolkata 0-1 1-1
 Match report: Arindam Ghosh denies Vasco win
 February 22, 2003
East Bengal vs ITI Kolkata 3-1 1-0
 Match report: Okoro nets winner for East Bengal
JCT vs Churchill Brothers Ludhiana 2-0 1-2
 Match report: JCT score over Churchill
HAL vs Salgaocar Bangalore 0-2 0-3
 Match report: Salgaocar drub HASC
Round XVIThe league standings
 February 25, 2003
Mahindra United vs Dempo Mumbai 0-0 2-0
 Match report: Mahindra United pick full points
East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan Kolkata 2-0 2-1
 Match report: Okoro nets winner for East Bengal
Indian Bank vs Vasco Chennai 1-2 1-4
 Match report: Vasco trounce Indian Bank
 February 26, 2003
JCT vs ITI Ludhiana 0-0 3-0
 Match report: Ancheri stars in JCT win
Salgaocar vs Churchill Brothers Goa 2-2 2-2
 Match report: Salgaocar snatch vital point
Tollygunge Agragami vs HAL Kolkata 2-1 3-3
 Match report: HAL rally to hold Tollygunge
Round XVIIThe league standings
 March 1, 2003
Dempo vs Vasco Goa 1-0 0-2
 Match report: Vasco prevail over Dempo
East Bengal vs Tollygunge Agragami Kolkata 2-0 2-0
 Match report: East Bengal sight title
 March 2, 2003
HAL vs Mahindra United Bangalore 0-1 0-5
 Match report: Mahindra humble HAL
JCT vs Salgaocar Ludhiana 0-1 1-1
 Match report: Salgaocar rally to hold JCT
Mohun Bagan vs Churchill Brothers Kolkata 3-2 3-0
 Match report: Bagan rout Churchill
 March 10, 2003
Indian Bank vs ITI Chennai 2-1 6-1
 Match report: Jeyasurya score thrice in Indian Bank big win
Round XVIIIThe league standings
 March 5, 2003
Mohun Bagan vs Vasco Kolkata 1-1 2-3
 Match report: Vasco stun Bagan
JCT vs East Bengal Ludhiana 0-1 2-0
 Match report: JCT shock East Bengal
 March 6, 2003
Mahindra United vs Tollygunge Agragami Mumbai 2-3 2-1
 Match report: Samson shines in Mahindra's win
ITI vs HAL Bangalore 0-0 3-1
 Match report: ITI score first win
Salgaocar vs Dempo Goa 1-2 3-1
 Match report: Salgaocar whip Dempo
 March 7, 2003
Churchill Brothers vs Indian Bank Goa 1-1 5-0
 Match report: Yakubu 'tricks' for Churchill
Round XIXThe league standings
 April 8, 2003
Dempo vs Indian Bank Goa 1-3 5-1
 Match report: Dempo rout Indian Bank
 April 9, 2003
JCT vs Mohun Bagan Ludhiana 3-3 1-0
 Match report: JCT down Bagan
Mahindra United vs East Bengal Mumbai 0-1 2-0
 Match report: Mahindra stun E Bengal
Vasco vs HAL Goa 2-1 8-0
 Match report: Vasco rout HAL 8-0
ITI vs Salgaocar Bangalore 0-2 0-3
 Match report: Salgaocar whip ITI 3-0
 April 10, 2003
Churchill Brothers vs Tollygunge Agragami Goa 1-1 1-0
 Match report: Yakubu gives Churchill victory
Round XXThe league standings
 April 13, 2003
East Bengal vs Indian Bank Kolkata 3-3 3-0
 Match report: East Bengal thrash Indian Bank
JCT vs Dempo Ludhiana 0-1 1-3
 Match report: Dempo shock JCT
Vasco vs ITI Goa 2-1 5-0
 Match report: Vasco thrash ITI
 April 14, 2003
Salgaocar vs Mahindra United Goa 1-0 5-0
 Match report: Salgaocar rout Mahindras
HAL vs Churchill Brothers Bangalore 0-1 1-2
 Match report: Churchill Brothers down HAL
Tollygunge Agragami vs Mohun Bagan Kolkata 1-0 0-2
 Match report: Bagan get past Tollygunge
Round XXIThe league standings
 April 22, 2003
HAL vs Dempo Bangalore 0-3 1-4
 Match report: Dempo trounce HAL
 April 23, 2003
Mohun Bagan vs ITI Kolkata 1-0 3-3
 Match report: ITI rub salt in Bagan's wounds
Churchill Brothers vs Mahindra United Goa 1-0 1-0
 Match report: Yakubu penalty gives Churchill victory
 April 24, 2003
Salgaocar vs Indian Bank Goa 4-2 4-2
 Match report: Salgaocar move to second place
Tollygunge Agragami vs JCT Kolkata 0-2 2-2
 Match report: Tollygunge hold JCT
 April 25, 2003
East Bengal vs Vasco Kolkata 1-1 4-0
 Match report: D'Silva scores brace as East Bengal emerge NFL champions
Round XXIIThe league standings
 April 27, 2003
Tollygunge Agragami vs Dempo Kolkata 1-4 2-3
 Match report: Dempo finish on winning note
 April 28, 2003
ITI vs Churchill Brothers Bangalore 0-2 1-5
 Match report: Churchill rout ITI, finish fifth
Mahindra United vs Vasco Mumbai 2-2 1-2
 Match report: Vasco finish third
Salgaocar vs East Bengal Goa 1-2 2-0
 Match report: Salgaocar down E Bengal, finish second
Indian Bank vs JCT Chennai 1-2 1-3
 Match report: JCT take fourth place
Mohun Bagan vs HAL Kolkata 3-1 0-1
 Match report: HAL shock Mohun Bagan

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